Sunday, February 6, 2011

Be Positive

As I look at that hard working ant carrying a cupcake on his back, I think I can relate. Sometimes I think we all feel like that ant. Our load feels pretty heavy. If we take a hint from that ant we will try to have a positive attitude more often than not. It makes life a lot easier. The pattern for that wallhanging is from a quilting book by Nancy Halverson. She includes twelve different "attitude" blocks in a cute and whimsical way. Instead of making them into a quilt I decided to make individual wallhangings. I hang them one at a time in my family room for a lighthearted touch. The message for today, BE POSITIVE.


  1. That is the cutest wall hanging...its a great reminder for us all to keep the Faith and look on the bright side of things. It was good to see you all last night...the party turned out well, Tracy was really surprised.

  2. Your creative quilts are beautiful, Marilyn. I wish you well in all your dreams and endeavors.
    I try to see my glass as half full, not half empty.. the power of positive think works for me.


  3. Thinking positively helps put a smile on your face and it seems to make for a better day.