Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lord is my shepherd

I am happy to report that this picture has been SOLD. I'll have to make another one though because I want that picture on my mantle. I never want to forget that the Lord is my shepherd. That gives me a great feeling of comfort knowing that I am constantly being cared for by the Lord.
I am still looking for the right place to sell my things. I think needlework needs to be seen in person to be really appreciated. The vibrancy of the colors, the detail in the needlework are the things that make each piece special. The sheep in the picture was filled in with french knots, hundreds of them, and it gives the sheep dimension. If anyone has any ideas about how to get exposure for my needlework, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Until next time....


  1. Thats a cute piece. The only place I can think of to show off your goods are the craft fairs. Like the sugar loaf in Timonium or the color fest in Thurmont. Also Hanover Dutch Days...all these fairs draw thousands of people. Keep the Faith and keep on looking, you will figure out something. Good Luck!

  2. Great news! I agree that your needlework pieces should be seen up close so that all of the details can be appreciated.